The Greenhouse system delivers Industrial IoT and Digital Twin capabilities from a portable, multi-tenant platform designed to run anywhere.

With its composable digital twins, Greenhouse allows you to visually define digital twin models of physical entities and systems along with their associated dynamic + static properties. Once entangled with machines, environmental systems, people, equipment, and other assets, Greenhouse keeps digital twins synchronized with the status, location, health, and performance of the physical twins. From there, the context-rich data found in the digital twins can be easily accessed to derive actionable insights that drive automation and intelligent decision-making. 

With security top of mind, the Greenhouse identity and access management system uniquely identifies each physical twin and requires a valid security token in order to authenticate incoming telemetry and authorize messages to enter the platform. Data in transit is encrypted via TLS and data at rest is encrypted both at the storage volume level and in the database. Role based access control (RBAC) ensures user access rights can be limited. To address data sovereignty concerns and regulatory requirements, Greenhouse is designed to be portable so it can run air gapped on-prem, or in any public, private, or hybrid cloud.

Greenhouse facilitates a wide range of use cases that takes remote monitoring and turns it into automation including asset management + tracking, inventory management, equipment condition monitoring, energy efficiency monitoring, fleet management, environmental monitoring, utility metering, crop + soil monitoring, worker safety, remote inspection, and many others.